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// Check out our newest specialty workshop series: FlexTheory Fitness with Andre Victorian

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The DC Style Salsa Academy proudly presents FlexTheory Fitness with Andre Victorian!

The FlexTheory Method™️, developed by Andre Victorian, is a principle-based approach to your body’s athletic freedom. It applies strength-building processes to produce usable flexibility and greater joint health so that you feel and move better in the skin you’re in.

In this series you will learn to:
- Exploit common positions to build exceptional strength and flexibility simultaneously, while enhancing your aesthetics.
- Open your hips and untangle your spine.
- Move with more agile and reduced effort.

Each week we will use principles, create processes, apply them to positions, and produce payoffs. Learn sustainable fitness protocols that add to your quality of life, longevity, and dominance.

This is a 6-week series course that will take place on Tuesday evenings from 8:30-10:00pm from March 10 through April 14, 2020 at the DC Style Salsa Academy.

Limited space available; please register in advance if you can!
Pricing: $132 for six 90-minute sessions (does not include taxes)
You can purchase your Flex Theory Class Pass HERE or click the button below.






Reserve your spot by purchasing your pass online

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