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// Below is a list of upcoming specialty workshops by guest instructors.

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Save $20! Price will increase to $70 after 10/25/17

The DC Style Salsa Academy proudly presents Movement and Style with Ana Masacote! This three-part workshop series will cover Rhythm and Movement, Footwork and Musicality, and Ladies Styling.

Ana “Masacote” Tinajero, an international ambassador of Latin dance and music, has more than 20 years of experience as an instructor, dancer, and choreographer. She has loved dancing since childhood, and she began her formal dance training with folkloric dance at age 5 and Salsa at age 15. She believes that through dance, we can break down cultural barriers while we learn to better understand ourselves, and each other. She co-founded Masacote Entertainment with Joel Masacote in 2003 and has since spread the salsa bug to more than 30 countries across 5 continents. Ana was a recipient of the 2015 New England Salsa Music Award for lifetime achievement in dance and is an alumna of the 2015 Goldman Sachs 10KSB National Program.

** Early Bird Specials **
$50 for all 3 sessions
$35 for first 2 sessions (excluding Ladies Styling)

Early Bird Price ends on 10/25! Save by purchasing your passes now! Space is limited. 

The three-part workshops sessions will cover:
1. Rhythm and Movement, Saturday 11/11, 3:30-4:30pm
This intense Rhythm and Movement workshop will focus on body isolations, undulations, contra-body movement and will include integrations of various forms of movement (Ethno Haitian, Cuban, and Salsa Movement). This session will also include dance conditioning, across-the-floor exercises, isolation drills, and stretching. 

2. Footwork & Musicality, Saturday 11/11, 4:30-5:30pm
Improve your social dance technique and step up your footwork game! Join Ana in a footwork jam session where you will focus on incorporating body movement and rhythmical footwork to add musicality and expression to your dance. Ana will guide you through various exercises and footwork drills, plus a challenging but fun footwork and shines combo! 

3. Ladies Styling, Saturday 11/11, 5:30-6:30pm
This workshop will focus on very particular topics such as movement, styling, and musicality that are harder to target in partnering and footwork classes. This session is designed for our ladies/follows who want to improve their style and presence on the dance floor. We will focus on developing strong lines and elegant execution of the arms, legs, and hips. Ana will also cover follow technique including ways to add body isolations and styling options in your partner dances and shines. 

*Although material is dedicated to women’s styling, ALL genders welcome to attend!


Save $10! Price will increase to $45 after 10/25/17

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